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Getting Customers

In the last 30 days, have you opened one of your yellow page directories to find a business?

In the last 30 days, have you used the internet to find a business?

Those are usually the first two questions I ask when I speak before a group about getting customers. The answer shouldn't surprise you. Very few people use a physical telephone directory to find a business, almost everyone searches online.

So that brings up several more questions.

When someone wants to find your business....

  • how do they find you?
  • what words or phrases do they type in so they can find you?
  • when they type in those phrases, does your business show up on the first or second page?
  • if your business shows up, how do you leverage that to create a customer?

These are the questions we can help you to find answers for.

The new Economy

Keeping your business growing has radically changed in recent years, especially as the economy has been hit so hard.

Gone are the days of the easy leads from yellow page ads, newspaper ads and even magazine ads.

Being Found on the Internet

Today, if your business can’t be found on the Internet, you are missing a lot of potential customers, profitable customers.

But, just getting a website and expecting more business isn't enough. You need to understand how to leverage the internet to bring those customers to your website and into front door.

It can be overwhelming to try to figure out how to do all of that yourself. You can pick up books, buy online courses, attend seminars to try to figure how how to do it but there is so much to learn:

  • Keyword research
  • Competitive analysis
  • Link building
  • Article writing
  • Creating press releases
  • Link building
  • Building a list
  • Learning the technology
  • Learning about graphics
  • Keeping up with the changing rules and regulations

You are busy running a business and like most businesses today you run a lean shop, often working many more hours now than ever in the past.

A Workable Solution

That’s where we come in.

We keep up with the latest development in generating traffic for local businesses. We help local businesses like yours to not only improve their their traffic but we look at your conversion ratio. Bring traffic to your site isn't enough. Your visitors need to interact with you and become customers. 

Free Competitive Analysis

We normally charge $100 for  a competitive analysis of a single keyword phrase. If you fill out the form on the right, we will provide you an analysis using the keyword phrase you provide. 

What's the benefit? Well, certainly it's a score card of sorts. Who is getting most of the business from their online presence. More importantly, it tells you how easy or difficult it will be to knock your competitors off the top slots and put you there instead. No one can guarantee that you will be in the number one position on Google. but, with a competitive analysis, you'll know if it's possible and how much effort it will take.

To claim your coupon, fill out the form on the right. In the Key Phrase field, simply put in the keyword phrase that you would type in if you were searching for your business.  Keep in mind that most people searching the internet for a particular product or service have no clue what your business name is. 

Take Action Today

Don’t delay fill out the form today and get your competitive analysis.

Optionally, you can call us at 1-916-77-MONEY  [(916) 776-6639]